Sunday slide 31

Yes, another muted color example, and I’m often enthusiastic about the vibrancy of slides (it just means the scene was really bland.) We’ll get into some nice color shortly. For this week we have a dual illustration, which is clear the moment you look closely. First off, Florida is home to more than a few examples of this massive spider, a female golden silk read more

Small whoopsies

There is a year-end post in the making, but as I was working on it a short while ago, my computer died. I had been getting warning signs for a few weeks now, and the good news is, I lost nothing of importance – I’m pretty anal about backups, and especially so when forewarning is given. All of the photos have been backed up, save for a couple of recent edits that haven’t read more

Oh, that’s not funny

I noticed earlier today that the blog was coming up with database errors, and while I could log in, a lot of data wasn’t showing up. My WordPress is hosted on a domain that outsources their database hosting, and WordPress (the ‘local’ files) was working while the data itself was missing, so it was pretty obvious that this outsource was the one having the issues.

After several hours read more