Monday color 31

assassin bug Zelus luridus on pink azalea blossomLooking at how the day is shaping up out there, it seems like this is a pink kind of day, so this image has been specially chosen to fit in with the conditions.

[Which is nonsense. I set up the Monday color posts usually several days in advance, and they’re scheduled to post at 2 AM. I have no idea what Monday is going to bring as I’m typing this.]

Zelus luridus is a fairly common little green assassin bug, and they loved the azalea bushes at the old place – actually, everything loved the azalea bushes. But it was simply a matter of time and patience before I would capture their bright green bodies against the vivid pink of the flowers, despite the fact that they were standing out about as much as any insect could. But c’mon, look at the size of that braincase – we’re not talking geniuses here…

So what do you think? Do you suppose I should have cropped a little tighter on the top right and gotten that tiny splash of green out of there? Did you even notice it? I wonder about these factors sometimes.