Quick! Go here before midnight!

If you were paying close attention, you might have noticed that I have a tendency to post religion-bashing stuff on Sundays, because I’m perverse – we atheists are mean that way. I wasn’t really planning anything of the sort, and have been working on site updates today, but Professor Ceiling Cat has a fun post over at Why Evolution Is True, and you should check it out. Quick, while it’s still Sunday! I might even appear in the comments myself, eventually, to address a couple of points that I haven’t seen anyone else tackle yet.

Basic explanation: after a guest post by Ben Goren elaborating on the problems with theodicy, a commenter by the nym of “Nixak” provided a lengthy response enumerated in six major points. For a brief observation just to include something more than a link, this is yet another example of someone’s personal interpretation being forwarded as if it was orthodoxy. One of the points, believe it or not, is that god does not respond to prayers unless his proper name is used, which apparently not enough people know. I admit, this is the first I’ve heard any argument of this nature outside of comic books – what if you say it backwards? How about three times? I have so many questions…

Anyway, for now, see how well the commenters are handling the points therein. I’ll be back shortly.

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