Small whoopsies

There is a year-end post in the making, but as I was working on it a short while ago, my computer died. I had been getting warning signs for a few weeks now, and the good news is, I lost nothing of importance – I’m pretty anal about backups, and especially so when forewarning is given. All of the photos have been backed up, save for a couple of recent edits that haven’t been uploaded to the blog server yet. So, the post will appear soon enough, though possibly not today. Obviously I am working from another computer right now, just one without all of the resources of my own.

Right now, I don’t know if it’s the main harddrive or the (quite old) motherboard. If it’s the MB, it’ll be more expensive to fix but potentially easier. My problem is, I have a kind of specialized rig and a replacement has to have certain options. If it’s the harddrive, that’ll be a while to get up to full function, especially since most of my programs (which is quite a few) were on it. So it goes.

Anyway, more will be along as I get to them. If I don’t get to it before then, have a happy new year!