June’s weak abstract

What the filename saysI’m pretty sure I’ve said the exact same thing before, but if you’re seeing this, I failed.

For a month-end abstract, I found few images that were shot in June that satisfied even my definition of ‘abstract’ – I even went out on the evening of the 29th to see if I could pull off an idle idea, but the rain prevented me from pursuing it. So we have this one from the previous evening. I’m scheduling it to post at noon, and giving myself the morning for a last-ditch effort, but you already know that was for naught.

By the way, even as you view something like this by headlamp and can get nice distinctive sparkles from all the mist and the larger drop, that doesn’t mean the flash angle will pull off the same effect. This was almost direct flash, and you can see that it took away some of the shaping of the petals, the shadows which give depth and texture to them, but had I shifted the lighting off to the side more, I would have lost the dew. It really does help to have some flexibility in lighting, and at some point I’ll show you the present rig, which has been working pretty well so far. For now, we have a misty rose. Drink it in.