End of July twofer

white water lotus blossom closeup
As I’m trying to get back to posting more, without much hope because of, you know, things, I’ll at least keep up with the month-end abstract. In fact, I offer two this month. I did not get the specific scientific name for this blossom, but it’s a water lotus at the botanical garden, semi-purposefully shot with a short depth of field. I say semi-purposefully because the light didn’t really give the option of a smaller aperture for a handheld shot, but I also knew that and chose a subject that could work in such circumstances. So there.

As for the second image, it’s another hint of things to come, as I try to get around to writing up a ‘part three’ post. This was a rare shot, or at least, rare for those conditions too. I’ll explain more later.

least tern Sternula antillarum against sunrise clouds

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