November’s abstract (a day late)

Dammit, I meant to post this yesterday, and forgot all about it. I’m disappointing my legions of readers…

submerged autumn leaf with glitter trail sparklesWhile I’ve had it in the back of my mind to maintain this new ‘tradition’ of posting an abstract at month’s end, it hasn’t worked out for every month. But I knew this one was in the running the moment I saw how it had turned out. With most subjects, I already know how the image is going to look because every aspect is predictable; I know how the depth-of-field is going to render, and what the contrast will become and all that. And with some, I never know until I see the final image, like in this case. The gently undulating water reflecting the sunlight would be frozen at the moment the shutter tripped, producing a specific set of sparkles, while the bright light coming in would cause an exposure entirely different from what I was seeing in the viewfinder. I shot several frames, and picked this one for the layout of the starbursts. Those starbursts, however, were largely known, or at least the effect was, since it’s produced by using a small aperture. Two of them falling onto the leaf as they did was serendipity.

cherry tomatoes felled by frostMeanwhile, a follow-up to last week’s Monday color, because. An overnight frost finally convinced the cherry tomato plant to give it up and discard its fruit onto the porch below.