Thirty days has September, Ap– ah, okay

tight crop of yellow azalea blossoms I think
Since it really is the last day of the month, we fall back, once again, on creating meaningless content with the end-of-month abstract. This time our featured image was indeed taken within April, so I feel better now – it’s from a brief trip to the NC Botanical Garden a couple of weeks back. This is a tighter crop from the original image, which was shot with the Mamiya 80mm macro wide open at f4, so you can see just how short the depth of field can get in those circumstances. It’s almost cheating to be using it in this way, because it’s pretty easy to create abstract images through very short DOF, but I wasn’t trying to shoot an image for the end of the month, so I remain blameless in this regard. It’s not often that I’m actually aiming to shoot abstracts (usually because when I try, they rarely come out as intended,) but I’m happy to grab them if something catches my eye. The flowers (azaleas I believe, but I’ll deny it if anyone asks) set off nicely against the blue sky – once I got into a position that allowed it, anyway.