An abstract for August

hermit crab trails on Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island Georgia
Okay, this one is quite a bit more abstract than some of the previous, so I feel better now. In fact, it is only that small leaf at lower left that provides some scale to begin to give a little context – I wish I’d shot a few frames without it, but I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. So go ahead, using that clue that I wantonly handed you, figure out what it is you’re looking at.

Of course, your experience with drainage and crustaceans instantly announced that this is an image of hermit crab trails across a tidal flat – Driftwood Beach on the northern tip of Jekyll Island, to be exact (and chances are, thinstripe hermit crabs, Clibanarius vittatus, judging from the others that I found.) Less than an hour after sunrise, the low light angle gave a lot of definition to the minor variations in the sand, and the breeze hadn’t yet dried it out and started erasing it, so this was probably the best time to photograph such things. In fact, “When is the best time to photograph hermit crab trails across a tidal flat?” is probably the most frequent question asked within the comments (as you can see,) so I’m happy to provide this little illustration. Always there for my readers…