Not March

And so we find ourselves at the end of a slowish and lackluster month, which needs to be saved by the end-of-month abstract – a tall order, for sure. Will it be able to rescue us from this dismal month? Let’s see:

dull orange, um, starburst?, in the darkness
Well, that’s certainly… dynamic, I guess. Intriguing. I dunno, what would you call it?

In fact, I’m not going to tell you what this is, even though I knew it would make the month-end the moment I unloaded the card. Well, not the moment, because I had to rename the files and open the thumbnail program, but when I saw it in detail at least. One of many experiments, this one seemed to be the best.

Oh, I’ll be back shortly to tell you what, exactly, this is, but I’ll give you time to figure it out on your own first. I’ll provide a clue, though: it’s not very big, and not very small. I had time to work, but in a few hours the opportunity was gone.

Have fun!

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