We’re out of February already? I just went to the store!

Yes, it’s the end of the month, so the dreaded abstract is knockin’ at the door. Sooner or later we’re gonna have to either let it in, or set the dogs after it. Personally, I’m in favor of the latter, and you’re about to see why.

pair of Canada geese Branta canadensis in blurry dispute
As it was, I had enough trouble finding things to shoot without working on the fartsy, abstract angle, so what we have here is a cropped portion of a frame that will probably be discarded anyway, back when the Canada geese were being fussy, and I know that doesn’t narrow things down in the slightest, but what I’m referring to is the time I was firing off frames as they did so. It wasn’t enough on its own, so I kicked saturation off the scale to give it some unwinterlike color; it’s still not enough, but at least it’s a little trippy for those who partake in mind-altering pharmaceuticals.

But even I am embarrassed by that, so we’ll have a bonus, nearly four years old now, from one of the beach trips.

drainage trails among shells on beach at sunrise
This is a little more like it, even though it’s craven cheating. And while it’s not hard at all to tell what we’re looking at, the distinct shadows almost seem to impart greater depth to it, as if we’re looking at an entire landscape from a notable distance above. I suspect this is because we almost never see sun so low that it can produce long shadows from tiny objects, so our minds (well, mine, anyway,) tell us they must be bigger. Or am I overworking it?

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