I’m sorry, this December has expired

Already? But yes, December is shuffling off to Buffalo (I don’t even know where that ancient phrase is from,) and thus we have the end of the month abstract. Somewhere. I just had it – must’ve put it down for a second when I needed both hands. Maybe it’s in the bathroom…

Ah, yes, here we go. Salud!

I ain't telling
Is that abstract enough? I wasn’t really thinking of abstracts in the few sessions where I was shooting this month, so I fudged it with this one, but I think it fits the definition, anyway. Now, fartsy? Well…

I’ll be back later on and tell you what you’re looking at, if you’re so pathetic that you can’t figure it out. But c’mon, the context is there, clues from previous posts, and everything. No sweat, is what I’m thinking.

Since it’s also the end of the year, I should have another, but nothing new presents itself, so we’ll revisit my favorite abstract from this year. This surprises no one, I’m sure.

very young Carolina anole Anolis carolinensis just visible from under leaves of gardenia bush at night
It’s not too late to order an extra-large print of this for the holidays, you know. I mean, it won’t arrive in time for anything this year, but there’s never a point where I stop taking money.

I’ll probably be back later on today, but just in case I don’t make it (because my scheduling for the past several weeks has gotten wrecked numerous times,) have a great new year!

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