Daily Jim pic 6

long-dead stump at edge of lake with Grand Tetons in background
This is probably my favorite of Jim’s Tetons compositions, a nice use of the foreground stump mimicking the background mountain in roughly 1/13776 scale. I am guessing this is Jackson Lake, which fronts the Tetons from most of the public access areas.

I’ll take a second to talk about composition here, because I would also have liked to have seen a slight variation of this, from a smidgen to one side, so the stump took up the left foreground, for instance, and the mountain the right background, instead of directly in line; just a little diagonal emphasis. Whether you agree with this assessment or not, it’s always good to play around with variations in composition with strong elements, to see what can be done with them and how different something looks with minor changes (and this is not to say that Jim didn’t – this is just what he sent me.)

By the way, imagine what this would have looked like had the water been perfectly still and reflecting the mountains. In an area like this, I suspect that finding a day without any breeze at all could be very challenging, but those are the kind of conditions that you watch for, knowing what they can do for your images. Or a low-level fog of course. Or a volcanic eruption…