Daily Jim pic 19

leaning barn patterns in monochrome by James L. Kramer
I suspect this is the same barn as the one seen two days ago, turned monochromy by Jim being fartsy again – it’s certainly the same kind of (inept) construction. I’m probably going to find out Jim’s father-in-law built this…

And now I have to admit to curiosity over what purpose this building served. First, if it is the same building, then its proximity to the railroad tracks was important (you can glimpse them in the photo from two days ago, but I have others from the area so it’s more obvious to me.) And then there’s that ladder up the side, but also a platform near the top underneath the little window, almost disappearing among the busy textures. Did someone need to regularly sit or stand up there? Was it needed to stack something while handing it in or out of that portal? Is it a window planter that the ACLU petitioned for to improve the conditions of the prisoners within? I’m lost…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Jim pic 19”

  1. This is the end view of picture 17. Pretty sure this was a grain storage facility. It had been 10 years since I last saw this building and it has leaned at least another 10 degrees since then.

    1. So in another 80 years, it should be on its side, and in 360 it should be upright again

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