Per the ancient lore, part 3

last vestige of breaking waves
Previously we had entries from my Aquatic and Arthropod (1) folders, and now we have Beach. Even though this appears quite early in that folder, it still falls over a thousand images into my use of that borrowed camera, taken while my brother was visiting me in Florida. Walking on the beach alongside Sebastian Inlet, I held the camera down just immediately above water level and shot blind as the last vestige of the breaking waves petered out in front of me – what you’re seeing here is only centimeters high, a macro shot of a dying wave. I was pleased to capture the droplets in midair of course.

Now here’s something curious. I have this unshakeable impression that the waves are not advancing directly towards the camera, but at an oblique angle off towards the left of the frame. I think that this is caused by that little foreground wavelet on the right side, which seems to show a slight diagonal to the foam line, but it might be because I remember how the shot was taken and the method is imprinted in my mind. What do you see?