Daily Jim pic 16

tractor tire and decrepit leaning barn in monochrome, Floweree Montana by James L. Kramer
Jim sent me a handful of monochrome images as well, mostly taking advantage of the aged appearance of many of the buildings – not that they really needed to be desaturated, since they were strictly grey anyway. What’s notable about most of the building shots that Jim sent me is the geometry-thwarting nature of them, erected with right angles like any other edifice but succumbing in time to a more flowing design. I suspect that the physicists who first proposed that space might be curved had spent at least some time in Montana…

It’s funny, I see the tractor tire as being too “new” for this image, not fitting in with the mood and textures of the rest, but perhaps that’s a quirk of my perspective – tires of this nature have existed longer than I have. Still, it’s too smooth and shiny; if it had at least been dried out and cracked, I would feel better about it. Maybe it’s trite, but you can probably identify with the idea. Had there been a car in the frame, it would have to be something rusty with big curved fenders and round headlights, you know?