October blows past

abstract propeller view of B24J Liberator "Witchcraft"
I pretty much knew when I took this that it would be the end of the month abstract; what I didn’t know was that I wouldn’t have the time to post all of the rest of the images ahead of it. There is at least one post coming up on the warbirds, possibly two, maybe a podcast, maybe an ambitious video – I haven’t decided yet, but that’s one of the things on the list for today (and I’ve already gotten a couple of others done, so, progress?)

This is, of course, the propeller of the number three engine of The Collings Foundation’s B-24J Liberator “Witchcraft,” shot with the Tamron 10-24 at 10mm. I’m pleased with how the sky turned out, and how there’s a faint hint of cloud reflection in the blade itself, lined up rather nicely. The sky I was aware of, but the cloud reflection had escaped my attention until editing, so don’t go thinking that I planned this meticulously. I did a lot of fartsy experimental shots, and you’ll be seeing a few more shortly. Lucky you!