What? Last day of November?

That means it must be time for my warped idea of what an abstract image is.

autumn leaves in green channel with radically increased contrast
The autumn colors largely escaped me this year – you will likely see just a few images in another post at some point – but I snagged a quick pic in high contrast that I decided to play with a bit. Remember channel clipping? This is just the green channel, which produced a cool effect from the leaves by itself, but then I kicked the contrast up a bit to make it even more unnatural, because we all know that I can’t do art, or even shoot a compelling image in-camera without tricks.

I like how it kind of seems (to me at least) that the leaves aren’t even photos, but cutouts pasted onto the background. In fact, the photo that I had originally edited and uploaded had a few stray branches peeking in from the sides, well in the background, and these detracted from the dramatic effect, so I re-cropped the image to take them out and make it more surreal. The original, full-frame, sits below, so you can see what I started with.

original frame of autumn leaves