Per the ancient lore, part 7

unidentified weird tree or bush or weed or something
This week, we’re poking into the Leaves/Plants/Trees folder, to showcase this… something… found occasionally in Florida. The shooting angle implies that it’s tall, but not terribly so if I remember correctly; no more than five meters, but I think between three and four. What it really is, I couldn’t tell you. I shot it because I found it bizarre and rather prehistoric-looking, or so we have imagined such things to be from the fossil record, but it’s also notably geometric, vaguely asparagus-like (blerk,) and not exactly healthy in appearance to boot.

Yes, it has all of those qualities, and is not a boring, simple pic that I shot on a whim while passing. I don’t do that kind of thing. It’s just like all those examples of literature that you couldn’t see the appeal of: you’re just not sophisticated enough to understand the deeper meaning of it.