Seriously, what?

great egret Ardea alba from below
I just realized that, a year ago, I posted a pic of a great blue heron seen from the underside as it perched in a tree above my head, and I had the image above sitting in the blog folder waiting on my chance to make a post, so I couldn’t let this go by. Is this the start of an annual routine? Well, I guess we’ll just have to see how often such a thing occurs…

This is instead a great egret (Ardea alba,) a shade smaller than the great blue, but not noticeably, and once again, on the shores of Jordan Lake – just, like, kilometers away from the spot where I captured the heron. But this one was being unbelievably cooperative after it landed in the tree over my head, so I took full advantage of it – more pics will be forthcoming. Right now I have to post this to make the anniversary, or I’m in deep trouble. Somehow.

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