Auf wiedersehen, August!

osprey silhouette in bad light with image stabilization
So for August, we’ll have two month-end abstracts, and you can pick your favorite. Both were from central New York, a day-and-a-half and about five meters apart – well, my shooting position at least. The osprey (Pandion haliaetus) above was cruising past in the distance after sunset, with the light low enough that the shutter speed was too slow, yet the lens stabilizer did its best, producing several overlaid images. And no, I did not convert this to monochrome – the sky really was that colorless, at least in this particular section.

Below, a bit more color, even if it’s a little too similar to other month-end offerings that I’ve posted. I actually shot a couple of frames during the trip solely for their abstract value, but really didn’t like them very much, so we’re falling back on this one. I don’t consider it weak as such, just not as creative or different as I should be producing. Ah well.

raind-laden lily pads on Cayuga Lake
Aw, now, hang on a second. I think this one needs the channel/contrast treatment. Let’s see, let’s see…

same image in high-contrast monochrome
Yeah, that’s not too shabby. Or at least I don’t think so…

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