Storytime 50

malachite butterfly Siproeta stelenes on broad leaf in NC Museum of Life & Science, Durham
This one actually has two stories, but the first I’ve already covered, though I still reiterate it to students when talking about how positioning can affect composition.

The second story has to do with how this got rejected, not from a gallery or stock or anything (because I still like it,) but from an upcoming post. For reasons that will become apparent in a few weeks, I needed to sort my photos by date so I could find particular ones, and this proved to be more than a little challenging. First off, they’re largely sorted by date anyway, but I needed to be able to find specifics, and that required more like a sortable database – no resource that I have presently (or had, at least) provided this ability. So I had to make it. This required extracting the key line in the EXIF info in a manner that I could use. Long story short: it was possible, but not without a lot of playing around, as hinted at below.

database sorting function
Exporting information to a .CSV file to bring into a spreadsheet program with a useful format is a great skill to have, but it can often take some esoteric formatting, and I ended up cheating a little – deleting some columns, taking the original export (from a Linux program called Exiftool) and doing a search-and-replace function, and so on. Done individually for each of 24 stock sorting folders, totaling over 70,000 images. Which, by the way, is just the digital images – I have somewhat less than that number in slides (haven’t done a recent tally, but I haven’t been adding to them either.) The things I do for posts…

Anyway, in the process of all that, I was able to find images that fit the bill better than this one, which was a day later than I was after, so while initially in the running for a post in the new year, it got rejected, kicked to the curb, discarded like someone’s old flip-phone, dismissed and disowned, spat on and chased out of town with pitchforks, shunned like the kid that was into Star Wars in the eighties. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic (except for the last bit,) but here it is despite all that, and ahead of the schedule that it originally had too. Insert disparaging sound of choice here.