Tripod holes 30

N 36° 1’48.03″ W 78°53’50.60″ Google Earth location

While the location shown provides a high likelihood of seeing this species, it really only applies to precisely the location shown. Because this is the Butterfly House of the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, yet malachites (the butterfly, read more

Storytime 50

This one actually has two stories, but the first I’ve already covered, though I still reiterate it to students when talking about how positioning can affect composition.

The second story has to do with how this got rejected, not from a gallery or stock or anything (because I still like it,) but from an upcoming post. For reasons that will become apparent in a few weeks, I needed to sort my read more

Macro photography, part 13: More than illustration

Once again, we’re going to delve into this deal where I tell you to work on mastering something that I haven’t mastered myself – do as I say, not as I do and all that. Except, I don’t really believe that anyone masters anything in photography there are simply different levels of skill, so let’s use the word ‘improve’ read more

The winter of our blogcontent

That was absolutely terrible, I admit it – I really need to stop doing such things if I want any readers at all. The only thing I meant by it was, in the winter when any kind of photographic subject matter is scarce, I fall back onto things like the butterfly house just to actually shoot something.

It’s not the best of moves the butterfly house at the read more