On this date 2

This one has actually appeared before, a long time ago, but not as long ago as it was taken, which was in 2007. It was a momentary experiment, and it came out a bit cooler than I expected or dreamed, not exactly justifying the risk I took, but close. If you like drama or want to guess on your own, go to that link, because in the next paragraph I’m going to skip all that and simply explain what it is.


Seriously, spoilers ahead.


Okay, fine. During a heavy downpour, I took out the Canon Pro 90 IS, charged the on-camera flash, and simply stuck it out from under the roof overhang directly into the rain and fired off a frame straight up into the air, counting on the flash to do… something. I then immediately drew it back in, having been in the rain for not two seconds, and dried it off thoroughly, but still, it wouldn’t have taken much for some water to have seeped into a seam or crack somewhere and shorted some electronics, so not the smartest or most cautious of moves on my part. Nowadays I have a rain guard which would work peachy in such conditions, so maybe I’ll have to revisit this. It was the flash duration that provided the effect, especially the streaking, and I would be curious to see how a much-more-powerful flash like the Metz 40 MZ-3i changed this. Meanwhile, if you want to see a larger version, just click on the pic.

Also on this date but only three years ago in 2017, I took most of the photos for this post – all but the fog shots, which were taken the same day as the post itself. Clearly, a bit of difference in conditions between the two, and indeed today as well – or so I’m told. I’m writing this a day in advance, so I’m going off the forecast, which tells me it’s going to be clear and, eventually, fairly warm. Still winter, though.