A quick public service message

It’s a lot later in the day than it should be for this to do much good for the drivers around here, but it’s still something to keep in mind at all times, so here it is anyway.

Clean off the entire car; all windows, and even the roof. Visibility is the whole reason you have all those windows, and shit flies off the car as it warms up. Nobody should ever be put at risk because you’re too fucking lazy or didn’t plan ahead enough to have a snow brush. Yes, you’ll be late for work. Next time think ahead, Brainiac.

The roads may seem clear, but patch ice exists. Especially in shaded areas. ‘Nuff said.

Leave following distance. Nobody gives a fuck if you want to drive faster, and there’s a good chance they know something you don’t. Tailgating doesn’t actually get you there any quicker, and greatly increases the risk that you’re gonna be the one that totals your car. And then receives a skull fracture if you do it to me. Cool your jets – you ain’t got nowhere to be that’s that important.

If you wouldn’t drive that way in front of a cop, then simply don’t drive that way. It doesn’t serve any purpose anyway, but if you consider yourself that important or infallible or whatever your feeble reasoning, do it right in front of the cop and take the fine and the points, Chuckles. If you ain’t got the balls then, what kind of coward are you?

Seriously, why increase the number of assholes on the road?

Okay, I’m done now. For the moment, anyway.