Do svidaniya, August!

Really, the month’s pickings for abstract images is slim, even for my liberal and imprecise definition of the word (‘abstract,’ not ‘month,’) so we have this little number. But I may get some shooting done today, so perhaps I’ll have an addendum post show up later on, because this is embarrassing.

possibly smooth sumac Rhus glabra seen from directly above
I’m identifying this as a smooth sumac tree (Rhus glabra,) but under duress and with lots of subtle tics and twitches to indicate such. I just happened to see the layout as I passed over it on a footbridge and could shoot straight down into the crown.

By the way, if you think I’ve misspelled the title, that’s because Cyrillic spelling doesn’t translate to English precisely and there are several variations, but it’d be far more confusing to say, “до свидания, August!” – even I can’t read that. You know, linguist that I am.

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