On this date 36

So we’re gonna talk briefly about coincidences today, because they must mean something! Or not. Almost certainly not. But remember last week when I featured the golden tortoise beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata,) and said that it was only the second time I’d ever seen one? This is the first:

golden tortoise beetle Charidotella sexpunctata in orange defensive mode
Taken on this date in 2013 – funny how I photographed them a week shy of four years apart.

Or likely not, because most arthropods have active seasons for certain behaviors, so it may be that there are only a few weeks out of the year (or even less) when I’m most likely to see this species as adults anyway. But that’s not half as dramatic, so we’ll go back to isn’t that weird!?

Another one, out of chronological order, for which I apologize not at all. Get over it.

pink rose blossom with raindrops
This is from 2011, The Girlfriend’s favored rose bush which I inadvertently uprooted a few years later when I pulled away a section of fence that it had grown through. She liked it because of the lemony scent, and we spent no small amount of time trying to find another like it, with The Girlfriend’s Sprog eventually succeeding a few years ago.

Now we go to 2014:

orange rose blossom with raindrop
Definitely in a rut here – I should start doing whiskers on kittens or some damn thing. This is not a lemony one, but another we’d purchased as a gift for someone who didn’t really deserve it, and now I’m slightly irritated. Still, I could do yet another wet rose pic today I suppose, if the weather cooperates, but I can’t get motivated over that as a yearly routine somehow.

Okay, that’s it for the coincidence bit. Moving on.

great egret Ardea alba in distance framed by tree branches
Definitely a fartsy kind of day, it seems – don’t know what that’s about. But I kind of like the framing of this one, just playing around with the egret who visited the nearby pond for a few days – it seems to be almost an annual thing, and never lasts very long.

And finally, an entry from last year, still being fartsy. I’ll stop soon, I promise – there’s nothing worse than someone pretending to have vision or style.

pair of dragonflies silhouetted against pond on thorn bushes
Wait! This is the same pond as the previous entry! What are the chances? Well, considering how many thousands of frames I’ve taken there, pretty damn good, is the official tally. I’m pretty sure this was from one of the many evenings I went over near sunset to see what the sky would bring, having no luck thereof, so I grabbed what I could. And you get to suffer for it. I wouldn’t stand for that, if I were you…

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