On this date 42

Like I said last week, not a lot to work with, since I really hadn’t shot a lot on this date. To be more specific, there are only two years (in the digital folders, anyway) that have entries, and one’s pretty sparse.

full moon - what else can I say?
In 2008, we had a full moon, and apparently clear skies where I was. I was shooting with the old Sigma 170-500 on the original Canon Digital Rebel, otherwise known as the 300D, the 6 megapixel model, so what you see here is full resolution – compare that to the second photo here from the 7D.

And the next year that I shot something was… last year. It was a lot, granted.

head-on shot of osprey Pandion haliaetus in flight
I featured the best of the hundreds of frames that I did that day in a post (more than one, really,) so we have this random pic that I like for its symmetry and faint air of malice. I’m not sure why this osprey (Pandion haliaetus) seems so dark, but roll with it – it’s not nice to comment. The speckled leading edges of its wings puts me in mind of WWII aircraft, their paint pitted and chipped from striking flak and debris during the missions.

It gets better next week – I have hundreds taken among six different years.