Profiles of Nature 3

Chinese mantis Tenodera sinensis in fetching pose
In today’s Profile, we have Szczęście in her favorite headshot, the industry term for the flattering portrait necessary if you intend to do anything at all in show business (as opposed to the gamer term which is decidedly less family-friendly.) Szczęście has every intention of making it big in Hollywood and has the acting chops to do so, but she’s gone through six agents so far because she refuses to adopt a stage name, choosing to remain true to her heritage (and let’s face it, her name’s both memorable and appropriate.) She just missed getting the part of Pola Negri in a docudrama about the silent film era because her eyes were the wrong color, and neither she nor the studio could budget for the 10,000 colored contact lenses. She credits her rise to near-stardom with healthy furniture polishing and a diet free from slightly underripe beef ribs. In her free time, she enjoys painting the little identifying characters on the ends of light bulbs, presenting barrages of questions about tire pressure to used car salespeople during test drives, and tripping small children. Szczęście is fond of insisting that she’s the reincarnation of Beverly Cleary, but she (Beverly Cleary we mean – well, both of them actually) is still alive, so some remain skeptical. She can usually be found hanging out by the bag dispensers in the produce section, and her favorite form of technology is that little hose that you used to run over at gas stations and it would ring a bell.

Join us next week for more fascinating facts about nature photography models! I’m sure one of these days we’ll find one…

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