Profiles of Nature 12

pair of blue-crowned conures Thectocercus acuticaudatus in squabble
This week, we have Wyatt between shooting sessions, trying to get a makeup artist to confirm that he has nothing stuck in his teeth, forgetting again that he doesn’t have any. Wyatt broke into the biz by jimmying the back door, but then discovered modeling while in prison (it was a pretty bizarre penitentiary.) He has a natural gift for playing teenagers, making him very popular among catholic priests, but has his sights set on Broadway because he grew up playing Monopoly – needless to say, he doesn’t spell very well. Wyatt has, in the past, been advised that he should invest for his future, and heard that children are our future; putting two and two together led to some radical attention by the FBI before they determined that he was none too swift, and at least pointed him towards buying gold instead, explaining why he now has a large collection of gold kid statues. This does put a crimp on his dating life. Wyatt has said that growing up watching Sigmund and the Sea Monsters had the greatest influence on his career, but no one has yet determined why and everyone is afraid to ask. He owns three cats, a rabbit, and a sarcastic fringehead in memory of a past girlfriend. His favorite drag coefficient is 2.475.

Come back next week in the vain hope that we will have forgotten about this damn topic!

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