Profiles of Nature 13

yellow-bellied slider Trachemys scripta scripta Prudence basking on log
This week we meet Prudence: model, fitness instructor, and home gardener (as indicated by the grove on her back.) Prudence is a popular yoga coach with the elderly because she doesn’t include some of the more flexible poses like Ankle Phone and Stuck Stepsister, plus she’s slightly cranky and not all bubbly motivated – we all know the type. She intends to start her own business creating business names for entrepreneurs called, Enterprises Enterprises, Inc. – she’s already mastered the catchphrases that make most of them giddy, like, “porting,” “cloud-based,” “insourcing,” and, “fauxquiescence.” Prudence had a traumatic childhood because she grew up before chicken nuggets were a thing, but with therapy she overcame her nightmares and now only shivers slightly when someone says, “honey mustard.” For giggles, she likes going to little country stores in the mountains and enthusing loudly about not marrying a relative. She has avoided college, thinking that a “well-rounded education” meant she would have to obtain 360 degrees, but she is considering Kevin Bacon University because that requires a lot fewer, plus she knows about Pyrates. She plans to retire in a few years, but the tread is still way beyond Lincoln’s nose, so no hurry. Her favorite solder blend is Sn63Pb37.

Be sure to stop by next week before the leftovers get too old.