April must skedaddle

Nobody skedaddles anymore, do they? It’s becoming a lost art. Maybe I’ll start a school…

But it’s the end of the month, and you know what that means. No, not fresh underwear day – it’s the end of the month abstract, begun through a trivial coincidence and continued through sheer lack of originality and good sense. Today we have…

pine pollen floating in Jordan Lake at sunset
… to be honest, I have no idea what this is. No, okay, I lie, not being honest at all, because I’m perfectly certain this is – but wait, do you want to guess? I don’t want to take that from you. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
If you guessed, “the surface of Enceladus illuminated by gamma ray bursts,” there’s a prize waiting for you, solely for being obtuse, because how the hell am I gonna get a pic of the surface on Enceladus during a gamma ray burst? The radiation would discharge the batteries. No, this is actually pine pollen on the surface of Jordan Lake, taken way back when; I noticed, as the sun got lower, that the pollen wasn’t in the water but instead riding on top of it enough to show a texture with the right light angle, and immediately knew I had my month-end photo.

Or one of them, anyway.

varied vegetative debris on surface of New Hope Creek in Duke Forest
Some of my abstracts are pretty weak, stretching the meaning of the word even to my standards, but both of these I’m pretty happy with. While in Duke Forest trying to find decent subjects, an eddy in New Hope Creek had collected the shedding flowers and such from some species of tree nearby, in a vaguely Starry Night way; I’m especially pleased with the air bubbles captured underneath. Or it might be methane – I never bothered to check. I know, I know; I’m a lazy little shit.

But of course this means May is right on its heels, and that’s fine with me; I think May might be my favorite month. There’s even a chance it will be photographically productive. Shocking, I know…