It’s been too long

Really, we should be celebrating this at least every year, but perhaps a couple of times each, it’s that good of a holiday. Of course, I’m talking about Beware of Strangers Baring Gifs Day, which we somehow missed last year, and I do apologize. Hence, a collection of various gifs (pronounced, “har-DJEE”) that I’ve collected during my exhausting, professional, online research efforts in support of this website. Some of them are actually short videos, since apparently this takes less memory, a curiosity all its own. But we can call them gifs if we want to.

The caption:

This is a cuttlefish, and if cuttlefish are not among your top three favorite species, you clearly have not heard enough about them:

Not only an excellent imitation, but watching her collapse into hysterics is simply icing on the cake:

This one cuts off too soon – I really wanted to see the aftermath. Look closely:

A little horror for you, even though it’s not October yet (I get really annoyed at this habit of ever-advancing holidays – you didn’t see me jumping the gun on today, did you?)

I have my doubts about the authenticity of the caption, but who cares?

Sorry, this one’s gonna freak you out a bit:

[I was trying to figure out why the one above seemed to have this menacing air, and realized, it’s the shoulders.]


Sometimes, what people add to existing gifs is masterful. I love this guy:

I can watch this one All. Day. Long:

Pay close attention. This is regret:

Smooth Criminal:

I don’t think this was how it was supposed to go:

This one may require several views to take it all in, but it’s great:

And finally, a combined gif – it may take a second to register. This never fails to make me grin stupidly:

Ah, hell, we need to see the two best from the previous holiday post again, because.

First sip of Coke:

And the best gif ever made, period:

But I close with a public service message, again, because people somehow keep forgetting this. Harder slaps may be in order:

Don't shoot phone video vertically dipshit

Enjoy the day!

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