It is an ex-October

great blue heron Ardea herodias perched in pine tree at twilight
Whoa, damn near missed this one! As it is, it’s posting, like, 21 hours later than normal for the end-of-month abstract – I simply got involved in other things and plumb forgot about it. Not that I had a lot of choices from this month anyway, nor did I go out yesterday in search of any like I’d been considering, and the few frames I shot today don’t really fit either. But anyway, as we sweep October out the door never to be seen again (or at least, until we forget about it and it returns next year,) we have this great blue heron (Ardea herodias) perched in a tree after sunset. More of a scenic than an abstract, too, but I’m pressed for time.

Okay, okay, how about another from the same session, just a bit earlier?

sunbirst through gap in autumn sweetgum leaves
Just a hint of the fall colors that are still developing, using the reflection of the sun off the lake through a gap in the leaves. Happier now? Doesn’t matter – this is what you’re getting. It’s been a slow month photography-wise, but fairly busy in other respects. Maybe November will be more blogworthy.

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