Gonna be a challenge

So let’s look at the ol’ personal progress chart, shall we? Here’s where the stats for Walkabout stand right now.

Last year’s number of posts was a new record at 233, which has already been beaten handily – we’re at 263 (um, 264) right now, so easy victory there.

For images, however, it’s a different matter. Last year set a record for those too, at 1,037 uploaded, which was way above anything previous. This year, we finished October at 831, meaning I’d have to upload over a hundred for each of the remaining months of the year. Not outside of the realm of possibility; four months this year, and last, had over a hundred. But trickier during the slow season. So far this month, I’ve uploaded 41 images, so running just a little behind the goal for average.

Now, second place is already locked in: the previous second-place spot was 747, so it will bump down to third now regardless. Just eyeing the gold for this year.

Monster and Little Girl looking down from the upstairs balcony
42 now

Chasing this might mean putting in a lot of images just for the sake of it, which I’m loathe to do – I don’t want to cheapen things by resorting to crass tricks like that. So will I have some legitimate reasons for photo-heavy posts? Well, I know of one potential outing that may produce a number, but nothing else planned, though I should be chasing the fall colors because they’re doing good this year. But of course, personal records are meaningless anyway, so pursuing this is solely indulgence. Not to mention that I’d had a loose goal of having twelve podcasts this year, and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna make that.

So I should probably just relax, let the content fall where it may, and not worry about records. Whatever happens, happens, and I’ll post as it seems warranted. We already know that itself isn’t a very good metric.

For giggles, feel free to skim October of last year, which had a whopping 192 images. I mean, October? And I didn’t beat that with three trips this year, the eagles and so on? Man…

green treefrog Hyla cinerea hiding between yellowing leaves of hosta plant
But while I’m here and typing, I’ll feature a recent image, of yet another treefrog. One of the two hosta plants is doing the autumn thing, so blending in this frog was not, somewhat amusing since the plant immediately alongside, also a hosta but apparently a different variety, remains deep green and much easier to blend in with. Lazy…