But then, ‘snot art

sunset over sound with gazebo and kayakers
Yeah, another from this vantage, but hey – we had the view right out the back decks, so we used it, okay? What would you do; go down among the trees where you couldn’t see squat? Gimme a break…

We didn’t know the kayakers, either – they were from one of the neighboring houses on the sound, the dock with the green heron altercation. But I did wait until they were in the best position, composition-wise, and fired off several frames, getting this one with both oars raised (which would have been almost impossible to time, given the different cadences on their strokes.) There’s also a boat going by towards the back, in the main channel, but that’s almost invisible and doesn’t add much to the scene regardless, too close to the horizon band of blackness.

By the way, I actually had the quadcopter out there, a little lightweight jobby that A) didn’t have the best camera available and B) wasn’t strong enough to fight even the lighter breezes present most times out, really, anywhere in the vicinity. I made a couple of attempts to do a sweeping circle view of the sound, condo, and environs, but watched it driven helplessly off to the southwest, unable to make headway against the shore winds, until I grounded it before it passed out of range or over the water. Not sure if I’ll ever invest in a serious one or not.

I’ll take this opportunity to mention that Saturday, June 5th, is National Trails Day (for realsies,) so you can plan accordingly and thank me later on – cash is always good. It’s the day when we at the very least take advantage of the nature trails in our area, but also help maintain them and perhaps even help create new ones – responsibly, of course. Take only photos, leave only footprints; pack it in, pack it out; get bitten by a venomous snake, make sure you run around blindly until you stumble off a cliff and shatter your smutphone. I’m not sure who created that last one, actually. The weather around here is not looking promising, but we’ll see what happens – there are a few places that I should check out, though I should never need the impetus of a holiday.

I’ll also use this space to mention that this is the 130th post for 2021 – not a specific milestone, but a comparison. Last year I set a personal record of 233 posts for the year, the highest in the history of the blog, and this year, I’m well past the halfway mark and it’s not even June yet. Last year was also a record for photos uploaded, and at 392 so far this year, I’m well past where I was last year at this time (355,) but I’m gonna have to work hard to beat the gout of photos that went up in October (192.) We’ll see what happens. But I could have separated all of these out into their own posts, and didn’t, so I’m not being too manipulative, at least…

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