It’s slow right now, with nothing to see, no reason to go out, and so on. About the best I can say is that the avocado trees (three of them, all started from pits) are absolutely delighted with the greenhouse and have been growing exuberantly therein. I almost wish I had done a time-lapse sequence of them…

But otherwise, there’s little to appear here, and so, I’m tackling read more


So, here’s the thing about fate and causality: if you know something is supposed to happen, is it better to simply let it happen and not screw with the trouser legs of time and multiverses and all that jazz, or attempt to prevent it from happening and defeat causality and potentially kill yourself and all mankind because Fate is a butterfly that might be eaten by the garden read more

Living in the past XIIV

We’re sliding backwards a bit to 2011 here, solely because this was taken on this date back then. This is Kaylee, only about six months old here, with her christmas gift, and while she seems quite enamored of her stuffed toy, check the ears – she’s kicking the living hell out of it. Which was the intention, so it’s cool. For no more than two days she considered read more

Gonna be a challenge

So let’s look at the ol’ personal progress chart, shall we? Here’s where the stats for Walkabout stand right now.

Last year’s number of posts was a new record at 233, which has already been beaten handily – we’re at 263 (um, 264) right now, so easy victory there.

For images, however, it’s a different matter. Last year set a record for those too, at 1,037 uploaded, read more

De sat Sat

Which, for those of you too slow on the uptake, is short for, “Desaturation Saturday,” dedicated (mostly) to monochrome images, also known as, “Sat de sat,” “Sabato senza colore,” and, “Quit relying on your stock images you lazy shithead.” Yes, once again we’re completely defeating the reason you bought that high-end color monitor (of read more

Not food and not motherhood

I actually got a few photos in today – nothing exciting, nothing even noteworthy, except that I wasn’t even trying today was yard work and gardening day, and I was mostly planting things. But as a nature and wildlife blog, this post isn’t going to the Favorites page, mine or anyone else’s, and the best I can say for it is that it isn’t food related, read more

It was a year ago this very night…

… on a dark and stormy road – no, that’s not right at all. It was a clear and warm evening, but it was when we first saw The Monster.

Well, not exactly monstrous in appearance, anyway…

Stopping into work for a trivial task, I found a note on one of the vehicles that said someone had seen a kitten sheltering underneath – read more

Scheduled to appear

So, there’s a small benefit to backyard photography, aided by blogging about it, and it’s this: you have the opportunity to see if there is a long-term pattern that develops among the common species, and even pin down exact dates. It doesn’t necessarily tell you why there seems to be a pattern, however…

There’s a large and hearty rosebush that sits alongside read more

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