I think we should see other months, February

“It’s not me, really, it’s you. I just… I just don’t see any future with you.”

And that means it’s time for the end of the month abstract. What have we got for that?

funky ass leaf
It’s a leaf. Where would you be without me to provide this kind of precise information to you?

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, because I’ve never seen it identified, though I’m pretty sure it’s not native, given as how I’ve only seen this in the butterfly house of the Museum of Life and Science. And I’ve done better before. But even this is ‘before,’ since February was such a loser that it didn’t even provide any decent abstracts, and I had to go archive for this one; it was taken six years ago, yesterday. Seriously, we’re much better off without February.

But we’ll keep its number in our phone, just in case…