I think we should see other months, February

“It’s not me, really, it’s you. I just… I just don’t see any future with you.”

And that means it’s time for the end of the month abstract. What have we got for that?

It’s a leaf. Where would you be without me to provide this kind of precise information to you?

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, because I’ve never seen it identified, though read more

Is that all you got, September?

I really shouldn’t ask that, to be honest – it’s been an aggravating month on this end at least. This is posting in the early hours of the last day, so there’s still plenty of time for September to rise to that challenge.

But hey, it’s the month-end abstract – that’s a bright spot, yeah? And what do we have for that, Johnny?

Why, it’s… read more

Storytime 29

Far too many things going on today for a long one, so this is brief. Today’s storytime post is all there, if you look closely. The faintly brownish trail of some arthropod larva that twists through the middle of the leaf, and by that I mean, between the top and bottom surfaces – and terminates at the larva itself. It has the appearance of being on top of the leaf because read more

July’s abstract

Yeah, now I’m feeling obligated

This one’s from not quite a week ago, an earlier morning outing. The sun had finally broken through the foliage and was attempting to burn off the overnight dew that had been surviving in the shade. In the brief time slot where the light was hitting it, before it evaporated within a couple of minutes, I played around with short depth images at f4, read more