I think we should see other months, February

“It’s not me, really, it’s you. I just… I just don’t see any future with you.”

And that means it’s time for the end of the month abstract. What have we got for that?

It’s a leaf. Where would you be without me to provide this kind of precise information to you?

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, because I’ve never seen it identified, though read more

Visibly different, part 1

And so we come to the new weekly topic for the year, which may seem a bit self-absorbed at first, but is something that I recommend to everyone because it not only helps to see the progress that you’ve been making, it points out the progress still waiting to be made. In short, it’s a comparison of an older image, preferably one that I was once proud of capturing, with something current. read more

No time, no time

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been involved in several different pursuits at this point and have had little time to devote to the blogarino, and even this one is going to be quick. But you know, that special day has rolled around again, the explanation for why I have been so pressed for time, and the celebration that it’s only getting better from here on in (for six months, anyway): read more