“October?” That month is dead to me

Looking at the ol’ henge out in the yard, I see that we’re arriving at the end of the month, which means it’s time for another horrid example of what I consider an abstract image. I checked, but I seem to have nothing that fits with the theme of the day (that I haven’t already used,) so this is what we have, unless I sneak another in because I’m writing this hours ahead of posting time. This was, at least, shot this month:

leaf under running water of Neuse River
I feel safe in saying that, at least, I’ve fulfilled most definitions of ‘abstract’ with this, save for those pertaining to manuscripts. I can’t vouch for how many people would find this utterly confusing versus how many would have a good idea of what it is, so I’ll just blurt out that it’s leaves immediately under the surface of shallow, fast-moving water, ripples over rocks of the Neuse River back at one of my old haunts. The white scribbles come from shooting this in bright sunlight – they’re the reflections of the sun from the dancing water. It’s also a tight crop for more abstract goodness, the original frame looking like this:

larger version of previous image
That makes it a little easier to interpret, but minimizes the hieroglyphics, which were too distinct to obscure. This was taken handheld, aperture at f18 and ISO dropped to 200 to extend the shutter speed out to 1/13 second, which was just enough for the motion blur but fast enough that I could still hold the camera steady enough, even at a tight crop – the image stabilizing lens helped of course. Other frames weren’t so sharp.

Let’s do another that I happen to like, even though it really doesn’t qualify (even to me) as ‘abstract,’ but I don’t have anywhere else to put this one either.

sun breaking through gap among blue-grey berries
It took two frames to get the right effect, but I was getting sporadically blinded by that sunbeam and needed to use it – it required a very specific camera position. I neglected to fire up the app to determine what these berries are, even though I’ve seen and photographed them numerous times before because they’re right at the edge of the neighborhood pond. Red berries are way overrated.

More pics from various outings on the way – just getting together the time to work on them.