And take your year with you

So here we are at the end of the month, and somehow at the end of the year – at the exact same time too, who’da thought? I admit to shooting extremely little this month, and even less that could be considered ‘abstract’ that I did not, thoughtlessly, already feature. I did toy around with freezing soap bubbles again when the temperature dropped low enough, but was not achieving satisfactory results and so they shan’t appear here – especially since I didn’t even get far enough to warrant taking any photos.

But we need something, so I selected a handful from earlier months that never got featured then. Lazy, I know, but c’mon, there’s been some decent content this year – you can’t have it all.

raindrops in bright sunlight on Ginkgo biloba leaf
One of the late spring rains left behind some residue on the ginkgo leaves, not long to be around now that the sun was out.

green heron Butorides virescens cleaning foot on log at edge of water
A close crop from a wider scene, this barely counts as abstract, but you know, if you’re looking for the quality abstracts, those come with the Premium Membership, which also includes a goody bag and part of this nutritious breakfast.

low-hanging leaves dipping into water
In deep shade and probably set for brighter, more contrasty light, this composition is a nice accent but a bit muted – let’s see what we can do about that.

same image in very high contrast
Much better – now it looks like a soft drink can. Which is just the kind of thing you come here for.

And finally, one that really is from this month, the precursor to the holiday. Not, not that one, the proper one.

holiday lights in darkness, mostly defocused into bokeh
I wasn’t really wowed by any of these, mostly because I found the LEDs tended to have overpowering blues and purples. Which is funny, because the incandescent holiday lights tend to have weak blues. Maybe I’ll market a set of lights, carefully balanced in output, specifically for photographers to mess about with. You’d buy a few sets, right?

There’s still time, so perhaps I can sneak in a proper abstract later on today, or maybe something else entirely, No guarantees – this means I don’t actually have any plans for such, much less a post waiting in the wings (that’s a bloggers’ secret.) But maybe.

Until then, enjoy yourself today, celebrate wisely, pick a random time during the day to consider it a whole new year (why not?), and I thank you for coming by!

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