Sorting finds n+6b: The birds edition

So we continue with the new discoveries and rediscoveries from the last sorting session, things found while examining photos at full resolution to determine critical sharpness, or that remind me that I intended to do something with them and put them off in favor of a different topic. This one was a discovery: what’s wrong with this picture?

If you’ve ever noticed, I include read more

Planning produces failure

Oh yes, oh yes, another holiday has come around, and hopefully you are totally unprepared for this one, because it’s Fuck Foresight Day, the day when we discover (hopefully, except, well, you know what I mean) that we didn’t think about consequences when we should’ve. If you’re on top of things running behind like you should be, you have no plans read more

Limited success

About seven weeks ago, I was at the neighborhood pond without my camera (hush – it was a spur-of-the-moment thing) and spotted a green heron, not too unusual, except that this one seemed to be half to two-thirds normal size. Even the young tend to be just shy of adult size and weight when they leave the nest, and this one was displaying adult plumage. An example of dwarfism in avians? I honestly read more


I was at least 85% certain that I’d used this post title before, but apparently not. Anyway, it’s World Migratory Bird Day, and so, we have a world migratory bird, in this case a green heron (Butorides virescens.) While I’ve been waiting to see evidence of them returning to (and nesting at) the neighborhood pond, this was taken many kilometers read more

Tripod holes 19

N 26°22’37.94″ W 81°36’28.29″ Google Earth Location

While this image isn’t stunning, it represents two things: a place you should definitely visit, and one of my specific ‘branding’ images that presently illustrates one of my many business cards. I don’t have many businesses, just a wide variety of cards, because what kind of fool read more

And take your year with you

So here we are at the end of the month, and somehow at the end of the year – at the exact same time too, who’da thought? I admit to shooting extremely little this month, and even less that could be considered ‘abstract’ that I did not, thoughtlessly, already feature. I did toy around with freezing soap bubbles again when the temperature dropped low enough, but was not achieving read more

As good a time as any

So, on this date fourteen years ago came the very first post on the blog. And I realized, at the beginning of this month, that another milestone was coming up, so I made sure to have them converge: this is the 2,500th post itself. I have to admit that no read more

The whip of guilt

July has been a slow posting month, for several reasons – the heat, mostly, and getting deeply involved in video editing. But I’ve also just – not felt like posting. Perhaps it’s good that I didn’t, because the mood might have come through and you wouldn’t have the scintillating content that you normally do.

But I’m getting over all that, so let’s see read more

You guys are late

I think, anyway.

Over at the neighborhood pond the other evening, right as the beavers would be making their appearance (and were,) my attention was distracted by a pair of subjects quite close by, and so I switched focus over to them.

This is a pair of juvenile green herons (Butorides virescens,) and judging from their appearance and behavior, they’d recently left read more

Boy, that was fast!

That month just flew past, didn’t it? But here we are at the end-of-the-month abstract, so let’s see what—

Hold on, I’m being informed that we’re nowhere near the end of the month, so this image can not be the end-of-the-month abstract unless I wait quite a while longer, and I’m not going to do that, so this is the… fourth… day…

Whatever. It’s read more

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