On composition, part 33: Impressions

Recent tasks brought this one to mind, an aspect of composition that can have significant effect but often remains entirely subconscious, so let’s talk about the subtle and tricky topic of impressions.

First off, I’ll say that from my own perspective, I more often stumble upon an image that provokes a certain impression, more so than I’ll actively aim for it, much less create it read more

Tripod holes 16

N 36° 5’2.73″ W 79° 8’27.55″ Google Earth Location

Today’s image comes from the banks of the Eno River, not too far away from where I used to live, a secluded little creekside area that I would visit from time to time. To get this image, I had to be sprawled flat on my stomach on a rock on the banks, with my legs extended far enough into the water behind me that my read more

And take your year with you

So here we are at the end of the month, and somehow at the end of the year – at the exact same time too, who’da thought? I admit to shooting extremely little this month, and even less that could be considered ‘abstract’ that I did not, thoughtlessly, already feature. I did toy around with freezing soap bubbles again when the temperature dropped low enough, but was not achieving read more

Visibly different, part 48

The opening image today comes from September, 2013, the ornate façade of the Cotton Exchange building in downtown Savannah, Georgia. I couldn’t begin to tell you the names of architectural styles, and I’m very much in favor of artistic efforts coming after full functionality has been established (having moved too much furniture into someone’s idea of read more

De sat Sat

Which, for those of you too slow on the uptake, is short for, “Desaturation Saturday,” dedicated (mostly) to monochrome images, also known as, “Sat de sat,” “Sabato senza colore,” and, “Quit relying on your stock images you lazy shithead.” Yes, once again we’re completely defeating the reason you bought that high-end color monitor (of read more

Must be Saturday

… and the Bay City Rollers are excited.

The first Saturday in November is Desaturate Day, as everyone knows. Well, everyone not living under a rock with worm tunnels between their ears, anyway. And thus I’m here to inspire you to wash out, go drab, and reduce it all down to black and white, because everything is simpler that way – for a given definition of “simple,” read more

Monday color. And monochrome. Again

I did the ‘Monday Color’ topic years ago, and a version of this post title too, but it’s time for a revisit – it says so right here in my personal blog topics calendar. Which is a good thing to have if you want to, you know, post regular topics (not looking at anyone named Bugg, here.)

Anyway, the color:

These are blossoms of a ‘Little Star’ lungwort, read more

Why not throth?

That’s the word that means, “all three,” right? You know, “both” for two, “throth” for three. Makes as much sense as just about anything else in English…

Ignoring that, it’s the end of November, and so we come, reluctantly and with grave trepidation, to the abstract image. Except I couldn’t decide on which of the three (extremely weak) choices read more

Daily Jim pic 39

And so we close our visit to Custer State Park with a rock formation under a little smear of clouds and a gibbous moon – the exact same moon that produced the recent solar eclipse, as hard as that may be to believe.

I’ll use this image to illustrate a basic trait of photography: photos always have increased contrast over what our eyes see at the time, which is why it’s read more

Daily Jim pic 38

I think we’re still in Custer State Park, and I’m not going guess at the process that formed these distinct rock towers – oh, hell, yes I am. It’s likely layers of a harder stone, formerly sedimentary, that got uplifted by geologic folding and then weathered away. But that’s not important (sorry geologists.) More useful to us – since you’re read more

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