Four years now

Yep, four years ago today, at roughly this very time, we cleverly captured The Monster and brought her home.

Monster, or Taz, posing in the door for her fourth year anniversary
Though, thinking about it, it might not have been so clever – it was far too easy, so she might have known exactly what she was doing. After all, there were absolutely no crinkle-ball toys to be found in the parking lot at work, while she has a fine selection of them here. And a sea-turtle bowl – let’s not forget that.

She has, admittedly, filled out a little:

new kitten looking vaguely suspicious
She’s slightly more inclined to snuggle up rather than creating havoc now, but only slightly. At times, she’s quite insistent on biting because she really wants to play rough and the other Boogs won’t let her. Neither will The Girlfriend, so I’m the last remaining option:

Monster getting in a quick slap fight
Even I won’t let her get too excited/rough, but I think she needs an outlet too, and she usually knows not to bite too hard. But keeping her claws trimmed is paramount.

Little else going on here right now. Due to warning signs from the workhorse computer, I ended up swapping it out for an upgraded (but still used) one – I don’t need all the bells and whistles and nothing I do is demanding, but I do need a bunch of SATA ports for the multiple drives. That, however, presented a handful of problems during the switch, including one drive that got altered (for no reason that I can determine) and showed as empty – it took a recovery program to rebuild the partition table and reveal that yes, it did indeed possess files. This was a few hours of diddy-fucking around, but I will say that it was considerably less of that than any Windows system I’ve messed with, and while Linux isn’t any better than Windows in the error message department, once the root issue could be determined, there’s almost always a readily-available tool to repair it.

[The system is a dual-boot with Linux Mint and Windows 7, because the film scanner only runs on Windows, and upon booting, Windows wanted to download new drivers for every damn thing – despite the fact that it already had them all save for the ethernet card. Go figure.]

Other than that, play-testing a few games for The Manatee, and tricking out several 3D models for printing and eventual uploading. Been staying busy, just not with stuff that shows here, is what I’m saying.

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