Tripod holes 11

N 35°51’43.29″ W 75°51’25.61″ Google Earth Location

Yeah, really inducing people to plan their own trips out to this location just to see species like this, aren’t I? Call me “Mr Incentive!” I originally had something else scheduled to go up here, but replaced it with this one for a particular reason and bumped the other back to next week. You see, Tuesday read more

Will do for now

I think this will be the tail-end of the beach trip pics, as well as the last for the year – never really got a ‘proper’ trip in, with one thing or another, but at least my brother finally got down here to see the Outer Banks for himself, as brief as it was. We grew up with Jersey beaches, which are in an entirely different universe (a more crowded and read more

Sunday slide 31

Yes, another muted color example, and I’m often enthusiastic about the vibrancy of slides (it just means the scene was really bland.) We’ll get into some nice color shortly. For this week we have a dual illustration, which is clear the moment you look closely. First off, Florida is home to more than a few examples of this massive spider, a female golden silk read more