Okay, I have a bunch of photos I’ve been neglecting, so let’s get some of them out of the way first – there will be another post following this with the rest. Provided I don’t get even more in the interim…

I did make a trip down to one of the osprey nests, right around sunset because that would throw the best light on things, but only one osprey (Pandion read more

Der Januar ist für mich tot

Take everything you can from January, because after today, it’s kaput. We have reached the end of the warranty period and so tomorrow it stops working. And that heralds the end of the month abstract.

Again, not a lot that I’ve photographed this month, so this is from just yesterday to fulfill this very obligation. The flowers of the oak-leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) read more

Nowhere to go but up

As of now – like, right now, as this posts (which is 10:27 PM local, or 03:27 UTC tomorrow) – we have passed the December solstice, and the days are getting longer again, for those of us in the northern hemisphere. The daylight hours, anyway – we’ve been through all read more

First half

As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I did indeed go out and get a few frames as intended, and then some more. And then I collected a particular subject for detail and did even more. But some of those go along with some video clips that I obtained as well, and editing the video is going to take a little time as it always does, so I decided to split these into two posts.

A couple of evenings read more

Scratch that

Remember when I said (yesterday, more or less) that the little anole on the front hydrangea knew what it was doing in choosing a concealed spot to sleep?


Let’s see here: centered directly on exposed leaf, not even adequate cover from rain, failure to blend in with background, near-vertical position… D minus. The only credit it gets is for being centered read more

Just a little more

The rains finally came, and did so with vigor I must say, and while I was out last night doing some basic yard maintenance, they started up again while I was finding a couple of subjects to photograph. Thus, I went back out with a poncho on both myself and the camera to do a handful of shots (this was when it had slacked off to a half-hearted drizzle, and not the sideways walls of water that we’d read more

Last night’s contributions

I actually have photos from three different sessions to get to, but we’re only going to feature one right at the moment, from early last night as I stepped out to do my routine patrol of the yard. After having not seen much of the bebby Carolina anoles (Anolis carolinensis) since the heavy rains a few days ago, save for a token appearance on a decorative sweet potato leaf, I finally read more

Out of proportion

Boy howdy, peanut-brittle and sausages, do some of these posts take way more time than they really should! But I’ll go into that later. Right now, we have a simple (!) follow-up on the anole front.

After finding the adult Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) snoozing in the oak-leaf hydrangea in the previous post, I’ve been keeping an eye on that particular lizard, because it’s read more

Sleep is the meridian

Mr Bugg and I had a sunset outing to Jordan Lake yesterday, which was unsuccessful in capturing a sunset – it occurred, but not in the slightest bit photogenically. Before that, we were checking out what kind of other activity was available, which also wasn’t much, and mostly too distant for the efforts. But I’ll include a couple of frames for the sake of it.

This read more

June’s last gasp

Just three four last photos before I close out the first half of the year, and start all of the associated maintenance.

In doing my routine patrol of the front forty of Walkabout Estates today, I was musing to myself that I hadn’t seen any Carolina anoles (Anolis carolinenesis) up there for a while, like several days there are at least two, in two different locales. read more

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