Tripod holes 21

N 35°51’25.89″ W 82° 8’14.55″ Google Earth location

This week we have raindrops, or perhaps leftover dew, though it looks more like raindrops – I just wasn’t there when it was falling. Big deal, right? You can get rain anywhere, often at a decent price too. But the background is Crabtree Falls off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina, not really read more

I’m torn

Usually, I can look at an image I take and tell pretty quickly whether it works or not, and so far my judgment seems to be, if anything, a little harsher than the average viewer. But this image has me stumped.

I scanned it from slide some months back because I liked it, then decided it wasn’t working for my marketing materials and never did anything with it. From time to time since, I come read more