Many birds, one mammal, two… things

And now, we return to Beaufort, but only in the bloggy sense, because we’re still right here vegetating in front of the computer. Because I know you’re not doing something insanely silly like trying to view this on your toy smutphone…

The day we arrived was ridiculously rainy, but in the late afternoon it stopped without really clearing, so all we did was grab a meal and do a little read more

Tripod holes 53

N 36° 3’59.06″ W 75°41’23.29″ Google Earth location

Another where it doesn’t matter a whole lot where you are, but it represents something that I thought I’d accomplish more often in the intervening years. Bear with me for a second.

When I determined that I’d have 53 Tripod Holes posts this year and that the last would fall on December 31st, I slotted this read more

Tripod holes 33

N 35°15’17.88″ W 75°31’15.13″ Google Earth location

You can go to this precise location, but you’ll never get this photo there, ha ha! That’s because this is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the one that was moved further inland back in 1999 because the shoreline was encroaching on its location – Wikipedia says that the water was only 15′ (5m) read more

Tripod holes 26

N 35°43’3.71″ W 82°13’21.89″ Google Earth location

Back when I was trying to locate Crabtree Falls, I stumbled across this location on the map (Green Knob Overlook) and instantly recognized it comparing Street View with my photo produces an exact match. read more

Tripod holes 24

N 35°53’41.45″ W 79° 5’35.46″ Google Earth location

Not long after moving to North Carolina in 1990, I was following some trails, really, quite some distance and found that they ended up at University Lake in Carrboro. I had my (not so) trusty Wittnauer Challenger in hand, a rangefinder with a fixed and so-so 50mm lens, looking for scenic opportunities, when I heard the read more

Visibly different, part 2

For our next entry in this topic, we have an image shot on negative film at an unknown date and location, that can at least be narrowed down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, somewhere between 1994 and 1997, which would also make it shot most likely on an Olympus OM-10 – beyond that, I have no recollection nor notes. Obviously, I’d selected an abandoned stretch of read more

Been a long month…

… so we bid June adieu, toodle-oo, and get lost ya bum with the month-end abstracts. Yes, that’s right, plural. Three, even. Two of which are remarkably similar though, so be appeased by that. Or whatever.

Our first comes from Jordan Lake, a bit south of Walkabout Studios here in North Carolina, during a sunrise outing. The sky was a little too clear for optimal colors, read more

Podcast: Off on a rant

This is actually the first of two – both are already finished, but we’ll see how quickly I post the second, since there are incidentals that go along with the audio. This one, however, requires no illustrations and was largely done so I could do the second without rabid frothing sidetracking – that means this one is entirely rabid frothing sidetracking by itself. What fun!

If you’re read more

What was I thinking?

So, one of the images in my slide collection is seen, full-frame, at left – this is the small cascade of a feeder stream that leads into Window Falls at Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina. And yes, it appears I didn’t concentrate on keeping the camera level.

Now, I’m not sure this is really the case. When taking long exposures of running water, they can be deceptive. Water read more

I’m torn

Usually, I can look at an image I take and tell pretty quickly whether it works or not, and so far my judgment seems to be, if anything, a little harsher than the average viewer. But this image has me stumped.

I scanned it from slide some months back because I liked it, then decided it wasn’t working for my marketing materials and never did anything with it. From time to time since, I come read more

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