Tripod holes 21

N 35°51’25.89″ W 82° 8’14.55″ Google Earth location

This week we have raindrops, or perhaps leftover dew, though it looks more like raindrops – I just wasn’t there when it was falling. Big deal, right? You can get rain anywhere, often at a decent price too. But the background is Crabtree Falls off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina, not really read more

On composition, part 15: The background

We all have experience with missing something right under our noses, or someone speaking to us who remains totally unheard because we’re concentrating on something else. The proper term for this is inattention blindness, and lots of videos and examples can be found online (Richard Wiseman, over there in the sidebar links, deals with this trait from time to time.) It is something that read more